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Paper folding activities are found using the link on the left.
Daily Geometry--Each day a new geometry graphic is posted at http://geometrydaily.tumblr.com/
12 shapes that you did not know had a name
Crazy Circle Illusion Dots move in straight line

Geogebra help site: http://geogebrawiki.wikispaces.com/
Geogebra Tube for video to help using geogebra
fractions on number line

Geometry Activities:

Geometry Dafynitions Fun bell ringer activity which matches geometry terms with funny definition. For example Polygon is "what is said when a parrot flies away."
Which holds more popcorn? Paper rolled in both directions.
Tetrahedral kites Illuminations
High School geometry students create children picture book using geometry terms. One example “The Three Little Pigs” became the “The Three Equilateral Triangles.”
Demonstration of why naming points is important from Dan Meyer

3 Hole Problem

Can you make one solid object that will plug and fit through a circle, square and triangle hole? Or can you make a object that will cast a circle, square, and triangle shadow? While this sounds impossible, a 3-D object would seem to hint what is can be done. Video to introduce the problem and show some possible solutions. Document with a pattern that can be cut out and students can use play dough to test objects.

Mystery Blocks

Participants will calculate the surface area and volume of various sized blocks of wood. They measure the mass, water displaced when floating, and water displaced when submerged of the blocks. Several important concepts are discovered as well as a “surprise” about the blocks.

Smoke and Croak or Huff and Puff resources

Find out how blowing up a balloon can be used to engage students in learning about volume, graphing, slope and linear equations. Student collect data from a balloon that is blown up, graph the data, and make some interesting discoveries. Science connections are also created.

Triangle Inequality with pipe cleaners.
n-gon patterns what about a 3.5 gone? Dan Meyer blog